Buying a Ferrari…’s not like buying an ordinary car from your local dealer.  Not everyone knows but every new Ferrari is made to order; the owner specifies many aspects of the car.  The best way to do this is to go to the factory where Ferrari’s customisation programme allows Clients to completely personalise their cars.  There is a dedicated space at the factory in Maranello, Northen Italy, which is like an haute couture Atelier in which Clients can consult with Ferrari’s team of experts on creating a truly bespoke car.The main areas covered by the customisation programme include choice of exterior colours, interior materials – colours and styles, special personalised luggage designed to match their car’s interior as well as variations on wheels, navigation, suspension and other technical aspects of the car.  In terms of cost, every style element of an Atelier car is unique, so price is entirely dependent on the features selected by the Client. For delivery in Singapore a new 458 Italia could be pushed well over 1,000,000.00 Dollars quite easily! As well as going to the factory to visit the Atelier, Clients can collect their car in person too.  This is easier for Europeans!  This is also a unique experience: the car is presented to the Client in the Atelier workshop after being entertained in a nice restaurant and hotel the evening before.  Soon after returning home the new owner is sent a leather bound photo album recording the factory handover.  After the hand-over and lunch – usually in the famous Cavalino Restaurant opposite the factor gates there is the opportunity for a fantastic  drive home. I had the pleasure of doing this a few months ago and drove back to UK via Monte Carlo where I stopped over for a few nights before travelling back through the French Alps.  Only one problem arose – being stopped for speeding by French Police – 200kph – fortunately they didn’t confiscate the car which I’m told they could have done: lucky!
Thanks Ian Mcleod for contributing with this post

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